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Proven Methods for Achieving EXTREME Productivity

Unleash your most productive and powerful self when you learn the productivity system, tools and strategies used by the most elite achievers of our time through this 12-week training course (with lifetime access) delivered directly to your digital device.

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Productivity Strategies Drawn From Today’s Elite Achievers

Your exclusive window into the minds, lifestyles and daily processes of the most elite achievers of our time and the specific systems and strategies they use to create their insane results, insanely fast, sanely.

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Direct Mentorship By Success Industry Leader Darren Hardy

As a business leader in the success industry for two decades and publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, Darren has had unique and direct access to today's elite achievers. Through this exclusive training program Darren reveals their personal productivity secrets.

Insane Results

10X productivity
Gain “unfair" leverage
Out perform competition

Insanely Fast

Keep focus
Prevent distractions
Remain consistent


Stress less
Balance life
Gain mental clarity

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Designed and delivered by Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy is the visionary force behind SUCCESS magazine as its Publisher and Founding Editor. As a business leader in the success industry for two decades, Darren has had direct and unique access to today’s elite achievers to produce insane results. Through this exclusive training program Darren reveals the personal productivity secrets, systems and daily methodologies used to create their insane results, insanely fast, sanely.

Darren mentors many of today’s high-performing CEOs, advises many large corporations and sits on the board of several companies and non-profit organizations.

Darren is also a highly sought after keynote speaker, media contributor and the New York Times bestselling author of The Compound Effect and Living Your Best Year Ever.

Darren’s mission is to mentor and empower millions of entrepreneurs globally.



A 12-week training system (with lifetime access) designed and delivered by Darren Hardy revealing the strategies and daily productivity systems used by today’s elite achievers to achieve insane results, insanely fast, sanely… all seamlessly and conveniently delivered directly to your digital devices.

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INSANE PRODUCTIVITY is a 12-week progressive training program. Each week a new module is released into your private membership site (you get lifetime* access). One audio module at a time, SUCCESS Mentor Darren Hardy walks you through the best ideas, strategies and methodologies discovered over 20 years having had unique access and in-depth conversations with the leading experts in achievement and success, including many of today’s top CEOs, revolutionary entrepreneurs, superstar athletes, and Olympic gold medalists. You’ll gain a personal productivity system so you too can create Insane Results, Insanely Fast. Sanely.

Each audio module will be accompanied with an active workbook to enhance your learning experience and to ensure you have a written document containing all the key ideas and action steps you’ll want to take to multiply your productivity in less time and with less stress than before. The completed workbook will end up being one of your most cherished personal achievement tools.

The audio training modules were recorded during Darren Hardy’s exclusive and SOLD OUT High-Performance SUMMITs (attendance cost: $1,500-$2,300). Along with the recorded audio modules you will also receive the entire slide deck, visuals and videos used during that presentation as part of your complete INSANE PRODUCTIVITY training system.

The tools, assessments, processes and exercises developed for this program will help you find your unique strengths, discover your (true) passion, keep you on track and help you stick to priorities, stay focused and remain consistent so you can produce Insane Results, Insanely Fast. Sanely.

Systems and strategies are useless without implementation. During these six video mentoring sessions, SUCCESS Mentor Darren Hardy will take what you’ve learned during the INSANE PRODUCTIVITY training program and make it relevant, applicable, and actionable so it can produce truly life-changing results for you. These video mentoring sessions are exclusive to this program.

Your hard work and commitment to this program will not go unrewarded. Throughout the program, “treasures” and more opportunities to access Darren Hardy’s exclusive library of success and achievement resources will be revealed, giving you more “unfair” leverage and strategies to 10x your productivity.

You will be invited to a private online forum discussion group (participation optional). Here you will meet, discuss with and share your learning and growth experience with hundreds of other ambitious, like-minded achievers who are also looking to create Insane Results, Insanely Fast. Sanely. This will become one of your most valued groups of new connections and new associations to insanely great people.

And Much, Much More



  • John Poulimenos
    "I have spent thousands of dollars being coached over my 17 year career in real estate. From many hi level coaches.This program by far was the best value. The biggest benefit of taking this course for me was the reality of how simple systems put in place can make massive shift in momentum. I started this course and a new life style in eating and detox. I lost 32 pounds in less then 12 weeks along with running my real estate career and generating almost 80k in new income. Thank you Darren Hardy for your leadership."

    “Massive Shifts in Momentum”

    John Poulimenos

  • Anasuya Boden
    "My results were that my income and my clientele doubled in that one month. I would recommend this because it totally works!"

    “Income and number of clients doubled”

    Anasuya Boden

  • 3094F873-8932-4C15-B8E8-E9E8E6BA761F
    "Since starting Insane Productivity, I have tripled my business income, my confidence has skyrocketed, and I have minimized my distraction time significantly. The productivity really is insane!!!"

    “tripled my business income”

    Lindsay Shearer

  • 15 Heidi Fore
    “I've started 7 businesses in the last 5 years, and I was beginning to feel unfocused and unclear of what I needed to be doing. Now I am not. 
 I now know what to do. I am clear now about how to drive all 7 at once to success.”

    “I am
    clear now”

    Heidi Fore

  • 14 Sanjay Logan
    “This was a life-changing course! It will increase our bottom line by multiple 6 to 7 figures this year. It was incredible. I recommend it very highly.”

    “increase our
    bottom line”

    Sanjay Logan

  • 13 Antonio Wong
    “Time is the most valuable asset that any of us possess. What I learned will give me back more time in life. I have absolute faith that the principles I learned today will yield much more than $100,000 in revenue."

    in revenue”

    Antonio Wong

    “I have used Darren's goal setting methodology for the past two years and have experienced a 400%+ growth in business and income while achieving balance in all other areas of my life.”


    Cody Hardridge

  • 9 Francis Schmaeling
    “Absolutely transformational. The content will allow me to become a better husband, father and business leader.”

    “better husband,
    father and leader”

    Francis Schmaeling

    “Truly life-changing! My list of action steps will undoubtedly reduce my stress and increase my focus to be able to increase my revenue by $500,000.”

    “increase my revenue
    by $500,000”

    Greg Hammond

    “The ideas transformed our company: we achieved an increase of 22% bottom line profit within one year!”

    “increase 22% bottom
    line profit”

    Lynne Wallace

    You can't find a more direct source to more concentrated knowledge than Darren Hardy and this training. It will add millions to my business, but more importantly, mental peace for a lifetime."

    “add millions
    to my business”

    Shane Stott

  • DiegoNicholas
    "I made six figures this year and went on more vacations and worked less than I did in 2013! You have shown me how to work smarter, not harder! You and your team are the greatest inspiration and help I could ever wish for and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!"

    “The best

    Diego Nicholas

  • 11 Justin Beaulieu
    “Having gained these KEYS to success I project to easily double my bottom line.

    “double my
    bottom line”

    Justin Beaulieu

  • 5 Geraldo Hodge Jr
    “12 weeks with the modern day Napoleon Hill was worth the time and investment. The ideas from this have triggered things I will implement that will grow my business and will add a profit of millions over my lifetime!”

    “add a profit
    of millions”

    Geraldo Hodge Jr.

  • 4 Tom Griffith
    “I’ve been to a ton of personal development events and I’ve never found so much good stuff in the material as this. Too many actionable, profit-making ideas to count! Awesome!”

    “actionable, profit-
    making ideas”

    Tom Griffith

  • 1 Mari Smith
    “Truly exceptional. By far, one of the most practical seminars I've ever attended. 
 No fluff; just pure, proven tactics that will help me to finally play a much, much BIGGER GAME. Exactly what I needed.”

    “help me play
    much BIGGER”

    Mari Smith

  • KianMohkbery
    "I was just told this last month I have tripled my production at work! Wow! It feels great to hear the INSANE Productivity is kicking in already!"

    “Tripled My

    Kian Mokhbery